Ready to Print Mini Screens are a really simple way of screen printing and transferring designs onto fabric or paper – you don’t need any chemicals, you don’t need a huge space to work in or any fancy equipment.

screen printing at home

How are Ready to Print Mini Screens made?

I begin with a sketchbook and a pen to create a black and white, hand drawn image. This image is then scanned into the computer, where it is refined and prepared for ‘burning’. I fix light sensitive mesh to a frame and run this through my digital screen maker in a non-toxic screen burning process. The image is now fixed or ‘burned’ into mesh and can be taped up to keep the water and ink out.

How mini is Mini? What size are the Mini Screens?

The screens come in two sizes, Medium and Large.

Medium screens Maximum image size of 8.5 x 12.5 cm (outer frame size is A5)

Large screens Maximum image size of 13.5 x 19.5 cm (outer frame size is A4)

These handy sizes mean that they are easy to manoeuvre and can be held in place with one hand while you use the other hand to pull the ink through with the squeegee. The large screens are just the right size for printing a single image onto a tote bag and the mediums screens fit onto standard greetings cards or can be used to make repeating patterns.

How do you use the Mini Screens?

Read our guide on How to use a Ready to Print Mini Screen for in-depth instructions, or keep scrolling to see a video of a screen in action. They are similar to the old fashioned thermofax screens.

You can use each screen hundreds of times, just make sure you wash it carefully between uses.

I like to use them for personalised birthday cards, wrapping paper and textile projects. You can see a few more ideas here.

What designs are available?

Right now you can order single screens from the Slamseys website: Choose your screen from the design library. You can also view additional collections here.

As each screen is made individually by hand, you can personalise your order; you can add text, combine a couple of images or send in your own design. Find out more about ordering a custom screen.

Do you sell Mini Screen Craft Kits?

I’m just putting together the first Craft Kits. Each kit comes with everything you need to start printing, including a cotton tote bag and fabric inks. Find out more about craft kits here.

Buy Ready to Print Mini Screens from the Slamseys website