10 Ways to Boost Your Creativity

The need to be creative is part of being human but sometimes we have to make a conscious decision to step away from the drudgery and busyness of everyday life and make time for it, to allow ourselves the freedom to spend ten minutes or ten hours doing something simply for the sake of being creative. Here are ten ways for you to boost your creativity. Try them while you’re trying some of the projects and ideas in the Challenge and see what works for you.

10 Alphabet Projects

This year, the Slamseys Creative Summer Challenge is loosely themed around the alphabet and so today we have 10 Alphabet themed projects for your to try …

A New Direction

it’s been very strange here over the past few months. Farming carries on but there have been changes for the printmaking.

5 Inspiring Lino Artists

Are you looking for some linocut inspiration? Here are my favourite five inspiring artists working with lino. Follow the links to see more of their work or follow them on Instagram.

Finding Creative Inspiration

Times are strange and though we may be inching back to normality, things will never be the same. We’ve been forced to redefine our lives, to question our values and think about what makes us truly happy. For some people that means pursuing projects they’ve previously procrastinated over or trying new activities or giving free … Continue reading Finding Creative Inspiration