Creative Challenge | Mail Art

Create some mail art and send it to someone to make them smile. Decorate postcards, envelopes, parcels and fold & send mail

Creative Challenge | Make a Mark

The trouble with pages in new notebooks and sketchbooks is that they’re so pristine. It can be intimidating to make that first mark on the blank page. Sometimes so intimidating that the book lies unused, pages bright and clean. Let’s get rid of that unblemished page.

A Creative Challenge 2018

Do you have an enthusiasm to be creative but lack inspiration? Perhaps you often end up copying someone else’s work because you can’t think of an original idea. Maybe you just need a spark to set you off on a creative journey. Then read on, because we may be able to help you.

Creative Summer Challenge | And Next …

After four weeks of prompts and themes, the Slamseys Creative Summer Challenge has come to an end. We hope that if you joined in, you enjoyed the challenge and made it your own. Details of all the printmaking courses in The Barley Barn at Slamseys are on the Slamseys Website.