Creative Recycling

Call us environmentally friendly, frugal or just tight-fisted but we can’t bear to throw away paper that might have another use and have devised a few creative recycling ideas for the scrap paper.

Making Printmaking Greener

The issues around climate change and the environment are complex and trying to find the right way to be greener can be overwhelming.
How we’re making our printing classes greener
Ideas for greener printmaking
Looking at printmaking from a greener perspective

10 Collaborative Projects

It can be a bit daunting working with someone else if you’re used to doing your creative activies alone. Will they expect too much of me? What if they hate what I do? Will they try to micro-manage my contribution? And vice versa. Relax. Try our ten collaborative projects and see how much fun it is to work with someone else.

10 Ways to Boost Your Creativity

The need to be creative is part of being human but sometimes we have to make a conscious decision to step away from the drudgery and busyness of everyday life and make time for it, to allow ourselves the freedom to spend ten minutes or ten hours doing something simply for the sake of being creative. Here are ten ways for you to boost your creativity. Try them while you’re trying some of the projects and ideas in the Challenge and see what works for you.