Collage Examples

Examples of collages from Slamseys printmaking classes, private groups and Print Club.


Collage of knapweed

Knapweed | Collage in sketchbook

Under the Sea

Collage of whale and the seabed

Under the Sea | Collage

I found a drypoint print of a whale that wasn’t perfect, so I chopped it up and collaged it with some paste papers and discarded prints in the scrap box.


collage of radishes

Radishes | Collage

Collage made in sketchbook as trial for lino cut. Hand coloured papers and printed off cuts.


collage of duck

Duck | Collage

Collage in scrapbook of an Aylesbury duck. All the other ducks have been taken by foxes and this lone duck is left at Slamseys. Most of the year he cohabits with the hens but in the spring the wild ducks fly in to the pond and he frolics with them and refuses to go into the duckhouse at night time.

Coffee Break

Collage of coffee pot with mug and Christmas baubles

Coffee Break | Collage

Taking a break while we decorate the Christmas tree.


collage of cockerel

Cockerel | Collage

I used to have a beautiful cockerel who strutted around the farm with his harem of hens. Whenever he saw any food on the ground, he’d call them over to share the bounty. Sadly, he was taken by a fox so I only have this reminder collaged into my sketchbook.

Christmas Wreath

collage of Christmas wreath

Christmas Wreath | Collage

Collage made with jelly print offcuts and hand painted paper

Christmas Dog

Drypoint of dog's nose with collaged bauble balancing on the end

Christmas Dog | Drypoint

A drypoint print of Nelson with a collaged Christmas bauble balancing on his nose. If only Nelson was clever enough to do this!


beetroot collage

Beetroot | Collage

All summer we’ve pulled and eaten delicious beetroot from the vegetable garden. This reminder in my sketchbook is a collage made with jelly printed papers.

Balancing Hippo

Collage of rhino balancing on a ball

Balancing Hippo | Collage

A collage of drypoint and jelly prints with paste papers. A little bit of fun as I try some designs for birthday cards.

Choosing a Christmas Tree

Collage of family group in front of forest of Christmas trees

Choosing a Christmas Tree | Collage

The family decided it would be wonderfully romantic to cut down a Christmas tree from the forest, so off they set on a bright crisp morning. As they walked deeper and deeper into the forest, strange noises echoed around them and branches cast sinister shadows.

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