Collage of family group in front of forest of Christmas trees

Choosing a Christmas Tree | Collage

The family decided it would be wonderfully romantic to cut down a Christmas tree from the forest, so off they set on a bright crisp morning. As they walked deeper and deeper into the forest, strange noises echoed around them and branches cast sinister shadows.

They looked and looked but couldn’t find a tree they all liked; the trees were too lopsided, too tall or too small, too bushy or too straggly. Eventually, the child whispered, “Why don’t we go to Slamseys where the trees are in a barn and we don’t have to walk miles through a dark, scary forest?” They all agreed it was an excellent idea and turned around immediately to hurry to the farm where The Christmas Tree Barn was filled with hundreds of beautiful trees. They found their perfect tree almost straight away and were all very happy. ⠀