Fabric Printing Examples

Examples of fabric printing from Slamseys printmaking classes, private groups and Print Club.

Guinea Fowl Book Cover

Jelly printed fabric using foam plate. used to make a book cover.

Guinea Fowl Book Cover | Jelly print with foam shape on fabric

The guinea fowl outline was drawn onto a small piece of a craft foam sheet and holes punched into it. A jelly plate was used to transfer the print to fabric and the printed fabric then used to make a book cover for my Natural Dye samples.

Crab Apples

crab apple printing on fabric

Crab Apples | Fabric Printing

White fabric printed with halved crab apples in autumnal colours. The ink was sponged onto the apple and then printed onto the fabric.

This first appeared in Take 3kg of Crab Apples, which also includes natural dyeing, preserving and cooking with crab apples.


Leaf print on fabric

Leaf | Jelly Print on fabric

I love the way that jelly printing captures so much detail. The dark blue leaf is overprinted on silhouette and stamped prints.

Test Piece

Test piece of fabric with fruit and vegetable prints

Test Piece | Fabric Printing

It’s amazing what you can create with a few fruits and vegetables. This is a test piece from a fabric printing class, playing around with different inks, colours and shapes.


Repeating patttern of plant on fabric

Plant | Fabric Printing

Playing around with wood blocks to make a repeat pattern


Paisley pattern on fabric applied with wood block

Paisley | wood block printing on fabric

I had some fabric that I’d hand dyed with blackberries. It had faded a bit and needed a bit more decoration before I could use it. These paisley patterned wood blocks have transformed the fabric


fabric print trees

Trees | Fabric printing

Block print on fabric


fabric printed with puffins with block

Puffins | Fabric Printing

Fabric printing with a foam shape stuck onto cardboard. Fabric ink sponged onto block for graduated and multi coloured effect.

Multicoloured Leaves

mulit coloured leaf pattern on fabric

Multicoloured Leaves | Block print on fabric

Block printing using a foam stamp and fabric ink


Single foam shape used to make repeat pattern on fabric

Stitch | Block Print on Fabric

Using a single foam shape to make a repeat pattern on fabric


Rpeat pattern of knitting stiches using shape cut from foam sheet printed onto fabric.

Stitches | Fabric Print

Work in progress originating from knitting sample. Developing ideas from a sketchbook design as part of a Printing In Progress class at Slamseys.