Jelly Print Examples

Examples of Jelly Prints from Slamseys printmaking classes, private groups and print club.

Red White & Blue

Red White & Blue

Jelly print on fabric using leaves, stamps and stencils

Winter Trees

Winter Trees | Jelly Print

Jelly Print on book pages using stencils and then digitally embellished.


jelly print of leaves

Dark | Jelly Print

Jelly Print using hand cut stencils and detailed leaf prints overlaid with dark silhouette print of leaves


grey jelly print of leaves

Honesty | Jelly Print

Detailed jelly print of honesty seedheads and a leaf


Leaf | Jelly Print

Detailed Jelly Print of leaf over silhouette prints on fabric

Guinea Fowl Undercover

Guinea Fowl Undercover | Jelly Print

Layered silhouette jelly prints using hand cut stencils and plants by Anne Wheaton

Denim Leaves

Denim Leaves | Jelly Print

Detailed print layered over silhouette print in same colour