What is the difference between a monoprint and a monotype?

Jelly Printing silhouette prints of leaves layered blue and green

A monotype starts with a clean plate each time and though a run of monotypes may be similar, no part is reproduced in the same way. Most jelly prints are monotypes as the jelly plate has no permanent markings. For each print, the stencils are laid and ink applied to a clean, unmarked plate.

A monoprint is made with a reprintable plate but in a way that makes it unique. A run of monotypes will be prints that are different to each other but have some part or pattern repeated in each print. A variation on a theme. Etchings could be inked and wiped for a variety of colours and effects, woodblocks hand coloured or a collagraph plate manipulated in a different way for each impression.

Monotype or monoprint text over dark blue print of feathers

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