The main reason for taking a printmaking class is because it’s fun. Really, do you need any more reasons?

OK then, here are ten more reasons why you should take a printmaking class:

  1. It’s sociable. There are enough tutorials on the internet to learn printmaking skills but it’s a bit lonely sitting at home trying to figure it out. It’s much better to take a class with other people where you can talk and laugh with like-minded people, support each other and bounce ideas around.
  1. Gets your brain working. Working out which piece of lino to cut out can be taxing! As can getting your head around mirror images and negative or positive images. Your teacher will push you to try new things instead of sticking with what you know.
  1. You might have a real talent for printmaking. Who knows where that might lead you?
  1. You might not have a real talent for printmaking. But printmaking might be a process that you enjoy and take pleasure in, regardless of the results and one day, you might discover that you do have a talent. Practice makes perfect.
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  1. Improves your well-being. Getting lost in the process as you make things with your hands can relieve stress and distract you from the anxiety in your life. There’s a great sense of accomplishment when you learn a new skill or find the solution to a problem and it’s even better when there’s people around you to share the moment.
  1. Widens your horizons. Experimenting with new techniques, visiting exhibitions and finding inspiration for your printmaking can lead you in many directions and fuel your imagination. The theme-based courses at Slamseys are designed to trigger ideas and creative thinking.

And this is why you should book your printmaking class at Slamseys

  1. A lovely setting. All our classes are held in the beautiful renovated timber barn on our farm. Some of the classes go out onto the farm to make sketches or collect things to print with. You can sit by the pond to eat your lunch and enjoy the surroundings.
  1. Purpose designed learning space. The main use of The Barley Barn at Slamseys is a printmaking classroom. We’re not a professional print studio with heavy duty equipment but have a small-scale set-up that our students can easily copy in their homes. Our purpose is to develop the printmaking skills of creative people, whether it’s a new hobby or a change in their career and to provide a welcoming and relaxing place for people looking to improve their lives with a creative activity.
  1. Accessibility. The Barley Barn, which is where the printmaking classes are held, has a wheelchair accessible entrance and toilet with free parking next to the barn. Dagnets Lane bus stop (Bus 70 runs between Braintree and Chelmsford) is a ten minute walk from Slamseys.
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  1. There are home-made cake or biscuits.

What are you waiting for? Download our Course Brochure or visit our website to find and book onto a class.  

Read our Printmaking Workshops FAQ if you have more questions about our printmaking workshops