Foam Shape Examples

Experiments of printing with shapes cut from foam sheets or solid foam from Slamseys printmaking classes, private groups and Print Club.

Social Distancing

Social Distancing | Printing with Foam

Shapes cut from sheets of craft foam can be mounted onto a cardboard to make a printing block. It’s very quick and easy to do and means you can start printing fast, making it ideal for a spur of the moment note.


DIY wigwam made from dustsheet and printed with blocks made from foam shapes and screenprints.

Wigwam | Fabric printed with foam blocks and screenprints

This wigwam was made from an old dustsheet and decorated mainly with printing blocks made with shapes cut from craft foam sheets. There’s also a few mini screenprints.

Flowery Envelopes

Hand made envelopes printed with foam block flower shapes.

Flowery Envelopes | Printing with foam shapes

These envelopes were made to fit the contents and then decorated with a flower shape cut from a piece of craft foam that was stuck onto some cardboard.


Flowers | Printing with foam shapes

Quick printing with shapes cut from craft foam sheets.

Garden Tools

Garden Tools foam block print

Garden Tools | Printing with Foam

Quick printing with craft foam sheets.