Lino printing with one colour is fun, but making prints with two or more colours adds a different dimension. There are different ways to make multi coloured lino prints and one of the easiest ways is to use the reduction printing technique.

Reduction lino prints are made by cutting and inking several layers using a single lino block to create a multi-coloured print. The first colour is printed, then the block reduced by cutting away and the second colour printed on top of the first colour. The block is repeatedly cut and inked until you have your finished print and a piece of lino with large areas cut away.

Experienced printmakers make intricately detailed prints with many layers and colours, sometimes adding several different colours at once.

Once you’ve made the second cut, there’s no going back to print the first colour as your lino block has been reduced, so it’s vital to work out how many prints you need before you start to print. It’s a good idea to make extra prints to allow for mistakes or less than perfect prints.

If you’d like to try Reduction Lino Printing, follow the instructions in our Reduction Lino Print Tips for Beginners or sign up to a Printmaking Workshop in our beautiful barn in the Essex countryside