Veg Print Examples

Experiments with fruit and vegetable prints from Slamseys printmaking classes, private groups and Print Club.


Red orange yellow squares potato print

Squares | Potato Print

Making patterns with a square of potato.

Hot Potatoes

Prints made with potato

Hot Potatoes | Potato Print

The pattern was made by slashing the cut side of the potato with a sharp knife and taking out the slither of potato.

Onion Rings

Vegetable printing with onions

Onion Rings | Printing with Vegetables

A cut onion makes a good printing tool. The pattern changes as the onion dries out and the rings start to pop out from the middle.

Criss Cross

Criss cross pattern made with potato print

Criss Cross | Potato Print

Making patterns with a potato.

Green Apples

Green prints made with apple

Green Apples | Printed with Apples

Quick printing with half an apple