This is a simple ice cream that needs no churning. Just whisk together a few ingredients and pop it in the freezer. Add two teaspoons of vanilla extract if you like the taste. Vary the fruit or omit the fruit and use caramel condensed milk.



No Churn Raspberry Ripple Ice Cream


No Churn Raspberry Ice-Cream



200g raspberries

600ml double cream

1 can (397g) sweetened condensed milk

Make a raspberry puree by simmering the raspberries for a few minutes in a small saucepan until they burst and the juice runs. Push them through a sieve and cool the sieved puree.

Whip the cream until it’s floppy, but not stiff and with the mixer still running, whisk in the condensed milk.

Pour in the raspberry puree and swirl through using a spatula or knife to give a ripple effect.

Scrape into a plastic container, cover and freeze.