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Pencils lined up for Slamseys creative summer challenge

A Creative Summer

Our challenge this year is to make a regular habit of being creative. Use the challenge to spark your imagination and build a regular habit of creative practice.

Keeping a visual journal

Why All Creative People Need a Visual Journal

I’m a great fan of visual journals and think that anyone remotely creative should keep one.

What is a Visual Journal?
Why you need a Visual Journal
Improve your observational skills
Increase creativity
Develop your style
Consolidate your thoughts
Widen your horizons

September collection of fruits, berries, foliage from the hedgerow

Things to do in September

September is a wonderful month in the UK, as late summer tips into autumn. The lazy days of high summer are over and it’s time to slip on a sweater for early morning walks, find a sunny spot to sit in instead of a shady place and plan ahead for autumn. Here are our favourite things to do this month.

Paintbrushes, pens, pencils in pots in artist's studio

Creative Summer Challenge | And Next …

After four weeks of prompts and themes, the Slamseys Creative Summer Challenge has come to an end. We hope that if you joined in, you enjoyed the challenge and made it your own. Details of all the printmaking courses in The Barley Barn at Slamseys are on the Slamseys Website.