Creative Challenge | Mail Art

Create some mail art and send it to someone to make them smile. Decorate postcards, envelopes, parcels and fold & send mail

A Creative Summer

Our challenge this year is to make a regular habit of being creative. Use the challenge to spark your imagination and build a regular habit of creative practice.

Enjoying the month of May

May is such a wonderful month. Everywhere feels vibrant and alive and it’s no surprise that the Barley Barn is buzzing with creativity.

Why All Creative People Need a Visual Journal

I’m a great fan of visual journals and think that anyone remotely creative should keep one.

What is a Visual Journal?
Why you need a Visual Journal
Improve your observational skills
Increase creativity
Develop your style
Consolidate your thoughts
Widen your horizons

Things to do in September

September is a wonderful month in the UK, as late summer tips into autumn. The lazy days of high summer are over and it’s time to slip on a sweater for early morning walks, find a sunny spot to sit in instead of a shady place and plan ahead for autumn. Here are our favourite things to do this month.