Would you like to learn Printmaking?

Are you curious about printmaking? Would you like to learn how to make a screen print or cut lino? Make this the year that you book a printmaking class and try it out.

Printing In Progress

Do you struggle to come up with original ideas for your printmaking? Is it difficult to find time to develop those initial thoughts, to experiment and finally make successful prints? Is your planning a little haphazard? Did you just exclaim “Planning? What planning?” or am I the only one who makes a print only to … Continue reading Printing In Progress

Enjoying the month of May

May is such a wonderful month. Everywhere feels vibrant and alive and it’s no surprise that the Barley Barn is buzzing with creativity.


Does anyone else get bombarded at the start of the year with New Creative Trends emails? As well as discovering the key themes for Christmas 2019, this week I’ve also been learning about colour trends. Apparently it’s all about the neon, which my friend who works for a light-up neon wire company has been telling … Continue reading N-E-O-N

Inky fingers

It feels good to get the printmaking studio back up and running: The shelves and racking that the Christmas shop borrowed have been returned and screens, rollers, tapes and palette knives are hanging back up in their rightful place. I’m a newcomer to order and everything in its place, but it is far easier to … Continue reading Inky fingers

Things to do in September

September is a wonderful month in the UK, as late summer tips into autumn. The lazy days of high summer are over and it’s time to slip on a sweater for early morning walks, find a sunny spot to sit in instead of a shady place and plan ahead for autumn. Here are our favourite things to do this month.