Summer time

As the hot summer weather and harvest at Slamseys continues, it’s time to pop out with the camera and take some photographs for our Visual Journal. Tractors and trailers are bringing back the grain from the fields to tip into the grainstore.   After combining, the straw is baled up and will soon be carted … Continue reading Summer time


  Lately, we have had a spell of hot, sunny days. Lovely as it it to wake each day to a cloudless sky, we need some rain as there was none at all in June and the crops are suffering. Talk amongst the farmers at a party yesterday was that it will deluge just before … Continue reading Lately

Was that summer?

Apart from a few glorious weeks in June, summer 2017 was a bit damp and despite my hopes for an Indian summer, autumn is creeping in at speed. The hedgerows are splashed with the red of rosehips and hawthorn berries and soon the leaves on the trees will change colour and fall to the ground.

Making the most of blackberries

At this time of year, there are blackberries to be found all over the place, from the slightly run down corner of the car park in town, in the country park or in the hedgerows around the farm. Food for free. Who can resist?

All is is Safely Gathered In

Harvest has always been the most important part of the farming calendar, being the culmination of the year’s work and financial investment.